Average Schedule

Tariff - Recent Filings

July 12, 2012

Transmittal No. 114
This filing revises the current Toll VoIP-PSTN Traffic provisions and rates to clarify that, prospectively, originating Toll VoIP-PSTN Traffic will be billed at the applicable intrastate rates for each rate element until June 30, 2014.  This filing is effective July 13, 2012

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June 18, 2012

Transmittal No. 113
This filing withdraws in its entirety the original filing made on June 1, 2012, Transmittal No. 112.

This filing proposes to make an overall revenue reduction to instrastate Switched Access rates by bringing instrastate Switched Access rates into parity with interstate Switched Access rates for each rate element. Also, this filing changes the rate structure to reflect both Originating and Terminating rates for each element effective July 3, 2012

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June 1, 2012

Transmittal No. 112
This filing proposes to reduce instrastate Switched Access rates and changes the rate structure to reflect both Originating and Terminating rates for each element effective July 1, 2012

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History of the Average Schedule Pool

Stipulation And Agreement

The parties that have signed this Stipulation and Agreement ("the Stipulation") request, and consent to, the arrival by the Illinois Commerce Commission (the "Commission) at findings and conclusions consistent herewith, and to the Commission's entry of an Order that provides for determination, in the manner set forth herein, of intrastate local switching access rates, of intrastate traffic-sensitive revenue requirements, and of revised pooling arrangements, for Illinois local exchange telephone carriers that settle on average schedule (the "Average Schedule Companies").

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ISCECA Tariff I.C.C. No. 1